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Daryl Amundrud, Glen Amundrud

Verse 1
He felt all alone, rejected disowned
As He bore the sins of all man
In love on the cross, He stretched out His arms
As they drove the nails through His hands

I'm still holding to my Savior's hand
Together side by side we will stand
When we sing with the great angel band
Until that day, I'll still hold to His hand

Verse 2
As time moves on, I think of friends who have gone
The years have drove us apart
But, with Jesus by my side and with Him as my guide
From Him I will never depart

Repeat Chorus

Though Satan may tempt and ever torment you
Don't give in, God is still in control
He's still in control

Verse 3
One day, He will come in the clouds
Take His own to Heaven at last
This old world will be a thing of the past
We'll be walkin' hand in hand
And Jesus will show us the promised land!

Repeat Chorus

Until that day I'll still hold to His hand