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Daryl Amundrud, John Hachmeister

Verse 1
Sometimes there are days when life seems cold and dark
It feels like the whole world is weighing on your heart
It takes everything you've got not to give into doubt
All at once everything inside comes pouring out

Jesus says, "It's alright, don't you worry, I'm right here for you
It's OK to go ahead and cry if you want,
My loving arms will hold you 'til the pain all disappears
Rest upon my shoulder and I will catch every tear"

Verse 2
According to Your grand design, it's part of Your plan
That I'm supposed to be real strong just because I'm a man
But, you know I have my moments when I feel so weak
Circumstances of this world can bring me to my knees

Repeat Chorus

When you get to that place, where God has your trust
He'll show you what it means to be truly loved

Repeat Chorus

I will catch every tear
Catch every, catch every, catch every tear
Oh, Jesus said, "It's alright"