1. Mercy & Grace
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Ronnie Hinson

Verse 1
I knew someone was coming; I couldn't see you clear
You moved even closer until new hope appeared
I felt forgiveness in the warmth of your embrace
In the depth of my rebellion there was mercy and grace

Mercy and grace, you're the only two
That could ever do exactly what I needed
You interceded and held back my disaster
Filled my broken heart with laughter
Hope would still be gone without a trace
Oh Lord, but for mercy and grace

Verse 2
You made it look so easy for you to melt my heart
Your light of joy came shining; filling up the dark
Your restoration has set my life in place
The way your love is measured is by mercy and grace

Repeat Chorus

You could've passed me by
You should've let me die
I can't imagine why you pursued me
Unless you knew that...

Repeat Chorus

Mercy and grace