From the recording That's Love

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Tina Sadler, Life Gate Music, Sunset Valley Music. All rights reserved. Used by permission.

God is good, yes He is, He’s good all the time
God is good, you know He is, He’s good all the time
You can search the whole world over, no greater friend you’ll find
He’s not good just once in a while; He’s good all the time

Verse 1
Now, we’ve all had friends, who’ve let us down
You know what I’m talkin’ about
At the very first sign of trouble, they’re nowhere to be found
Well, Jesus stays when others go, He’ll never leave your side
He’s your friend in stormy weather cause He’s good all the time

Verse 2
Well, He’s the one you call in the middle of the night,
When your body moans with pain,
Don’t worry about that wayward child; He’s heard you call His name
He’ll put food in your kitchen, when you don’t have a dime,
He’s not good just now and then, He’s good all the time