1. Trail of Tears

From the recording That's Love

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Gerald Crabb, Lehsem Songs, Chestnut Mound Music / BMI.
All rights reserved. Used by permission.

Verse 1
I heard about the lonely day, when Jesus had to die
It must have broke His mother’s heart, oh the tears she must’ve cried
And though she knew the plan thereby He was still a precious son
It only seemed like yesterday in a stable He was born

There must have been a trail of tears from the cross to the place
Where they laid him down to rest in a cold and lonely grave
And as the stone rolled to the door to seal the Prince of Life within
It must have felt just like the end, there must have been a trail of tears

Verse 2
Mary knew the day would come, she’d have to say goodbye
Her son was on a mission for which He would give his life
And all the angels viewed redemption being carried out to man
He was dying there on Calvary, the sacrificial Lamb