1. Roller Coaster

From the recording That's Love

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Roller Coaster

Verse 1
Monday morning rolled around
Missed the alarm, I was sleeping sound
Tried to start my car but the battery was dead
I just wish I would have stayed in bed

Verse 2
Then my neighbour pulled up along side
Rolled down his window and offered a ride
I jumped in and away we went
Ain’t life fun on this big, old continent!

Life is like a roller coaster ride
We’re spinning up and down and from side to side
We’re traveling in the land of the unknown
We don’t know what will happen next
But, we know the one who wrote the text
When we’re leanin’ on Him, He will get us home

Verse 3
Whether you’re up or whether you’re down
Whether you’re life is spinning around
Just look up, cause we have found
God’s grace, hope and love abound

Repeat Chorus 2X