1. Fall Behind

From the recording Sweetest Sound

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Fall Behind

Verse 1
I felt alone within the crowd, silent prayers filled with doubt
Locked inside and feeling helpless, my strength began to fade
but then I heard you say...

I'll never let you fall behind, no matter what you go through
Every moment I'm here with you
I'll never leave you high and dry, no matter where the road may lead
I promise you'll never fall behind

Verse 2
So many tears filled this room, scared to trust, my heart was bruised
But then your voice broke through the silence, that had overtaken me
And I could here you speak...

Repeat Chorus

Even though I know troubles will still remain,
I know I can trust you in the pouring rain
I believe your love will cover my mistakes
You're beside me, always beside me sayin'

Repeat Chorus

Promise you'll never fall behind, you'll never fall behind
You'll never fall behind,