1. Clear Blue Sky

From the recording Sweetest Sound

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Clear Blue Sky


It’s a clear blue sky. Those dark clouds have passed on by.
The rain is gone, the sun shines through. He makes all things new.
Just look up, leave all your cares behind.
And you will find that Jesus loves you so. Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh.

Verse 1
It seems like no hope is in sight. Eight years gone by.
Praying for a child of their own.
But then the news came, they had long awaited for.
Nine months later they’d be bringing a baby boy home.


Verse 2
Cancer came and took it’s tole on her. They said “no cure.”
Turned her world upside down.
Through her dark despair, she learned Jesus cares.
Her life was spared, and it’s all because God answers prayer.


As sure as the cold wind blows and dark clouds roll you know...

Woah oh oh oh oh oh oh.