From the recording Sweetest Sound

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I’d Rather Believe

Verse 1
It’s funny how this world’s been wired.
To set you up just to knock you down.
Flyin’ higher lookin’ up from the bottom.
Struggles I’ve got ‘em but I have found.

I’d rather believe
The choices that I make, chances that I take.
I aint no where closer to giving up hope and
I’d rather be free, than live my life in doubt, never stepping out.
Afraid of what I can’t see. It’s all about faith.
I’d rather believe.

Verse 2

Every morning when the sun comes up.
I’m right there with it, it’s a brand new day.
Shadowed by fear. Wasn’t really living. But
Hope had givin’ me a better way.

Against the grain, with the flow
It’s up to you, but for me I know

Yeah, yeah
Oh I’d rather believe
I’d rather believe