From the recording Sweetest Sound

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Still Standing

Verse 1
There’s a tall, wide oak that stands; on my Grandpa’s land.
Shades where a stone sits. Says born 1918, met the Lord 2003.
There where he rests. It’s the oldest Tree left up there on that hill.
And like Grandpa did back in the day, these days I’m still standing.

On the promises I’ve made. On the ground where I was raised
For living right and being free. For everything that I believe.
I thank my God who cares. ‘bout every step in these boots I wear.
Might’ve head a few hard landings, but I’m still standing.

Verse 2:
I’ve been clothes lined by the wind. While a hard rain beats my skin
Like a mountain top.
But I found my way around it.
You know what they say about houses build on a hard rock.
I guess good roots can grow a boy into a man.
Mom and Daddy on their knees is the reason that I stand

Yeah, I thank my God who cares; ‘bout every step in these boots I wear.
Might’ve had a few hard landings……. But I’m still standing.
Yeah, I’m still standing.