1. Daddy's Song

From the recording Sweetest Sound

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Daddy’s song

Verse 1
Golden locks, just turned five, sees the world through big blue eyes
Summer sun and tractor rides. Learning about Jesus Christ
Knelt in the dirt in daddy’s arms, asked the Lord into his heart
From then he knew just what a man should be
Day by day he watched his dad, serve the Lord with all he had
A Godly life, what a legacy

His father didn’t try to meet half way; didn’t ever hesitate
A humble man who worked too hard, loved his wife with all his heart
Fought his battles on his knees, taught his son to pray and seek
For God to guide and lead him through his life
No longer he who lives but now alive in Christ

Verse 2
As time goes on that little boy has grown and days like these the world is bitter-cold
But he never had the thirst to taste, the other side of love and grace
He stood when he was standing all alone
They ridiculed, they mocked, they teased; but he just got down on his knees
A man of God, no swaying in his soul

Golden streets, clothed in white; face to face with Jesus Christ
All their loved ones by their side listen to the King on high:
“Well done, my faithful servants, you took up your cross for me and wasn’t it
worth it?”