From the recording Sweetest Sound

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He Holds Everything

Verse 1
Waiting for that other shoe to drop
And you're sure this world's gonna come to a stop
Drowning on dry land and you can't come up for air
Your knees are so weak and you look at that mountain
Say there's no way over and no way around it
And it feel like you're so far from home, even God's not there

Oh, but every single sparrow flying
And every broken soul that's crying
He can see, yeah, you're in His reach
If He can hold an ocean back with one little shore
Then what's all this worry and doubting for?
Oh, I believe He holds everything

Verse 2
When it's late at night and you're staring at the stack of bills
And it don't add up, you don't know how it will
Clinging to your mother's faith with a half-hearted prayer
But you still don't know
When the anchor man breaks in on your TV
And says these times they won't be easy
And fear sets in and you wanna give in
Just let it go, oh let it go

Chorus 2X
Oh, I believe, yeah, I believe He holds everything
He holds everything