Glen & Linda Amundrud Announce Future Plans

FEBRUARY 2, 2018 

Glen & Linda Amundrud Announce Future Plans 

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Glen & Linda Amundrud made an official announcement on February 2nd, 2018 that they will be stepping back from their leadership roles with The Amundruds. 

"Linda and I have been completely blessed over all these years travelling with our family in music ministry. We have had some of the most rewarding times of our lives and met so many wonderful people who totally love serving our Lord. We want to thank all the concert promoters and hosts who have invited us to their events. We have decided that the time is right for us to hand the leadership of The Amundruds over to the younger members of our group", says Glen. Linda and I will travel with The Amundruds on occasion, but not full time. 

Linda says, "I never dreamt that we would be travelling in music and ministering to so many wonderful people, many of which shared their hearts with us and we were able to pray with and encourage them. I am totally blessed and humbled to have met and ministered with so many groups over the years who love Jesus and have become very close friends. We have shared many happy times together, many laughs and also tears! That will be the hardest thing for me - I will miss my music friends. God bless you all! Keep singing for Jesus!"

Glen is going to begin working on writing a book. He says, "My plan is to work on writing a book on how I have been learning to lean on Jesus all these years. I'm also making myself available to share my life's testimony. God's richest blessings on you all!"

Starting this year, the newly formed group consisting of Daryl & Jessica, Gary & Willeke, and Sheri Amundrud will embark on a new journey with a busy spring / summer tour ahead. Glen says: "We are so pleased and blessed that this next generation wants to continue serving Jesus wholehearted with their gift in music." 

Daryl Amundrud says, "We look forward to carrying on the legacy that our parents have began. We are honoured to share the greatest message ever told through these song lyrics. It is our desire to bring encouragement and hope to everyone we encounter." 

Watch for the newly formed group on the road in 2018!